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Kulterra is a contemporary art gallery based in Bucharest focused on hosting exhibition and educational projects in Romania and abroad. Primarily the gallery aims to support the development of young artists all over the world: artists who are at the beginning of their careers. Along with commercial activities, the gallery is involved in a steady development of each artist, does his PR and management and curates exhibitions not only within the gallery’s own space but also in cooperation with leading cultural institutions.

The mission of the Kulterra Gallery is to form a community of artists for experimental art collaborations, to stimulate creative initiatives and maintain productive interactions between various artistic trends. Kulterra Gallery strives to combine the qualities of a classical cultural institution and a modern-day art platform included in the global context and highlighting current artistic processes, by collaborating with local and international curators and artists, the gallery promotes a special approach to artistic activity, vision, and understanding of what contemporary art is today. 

Considering the importance of being present on the international art scene, the gallery sees participation in international fairs and exhibitions as one of the important vectors of its development. In addition to the sale of works by contemporary artists and exhibition activities, the gallery performs an educational function by organizing lectures, meetings, workshops and film screenings, creating a platform for communication between artists and curators, professionals, collectors and everyone interested in the development of contemporary art. 

The gallery’s activities also include art consulting and selection of works for corporate and private collections. Part of the gallery space is open for different kinds of events, attracting new participants to the art market through a series of exhibition and educational projects.



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