b. 1995

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Kulterra 2022

Born in Piatra-Neamt, ATOMA, lives in Bucharest, but her works can be seen in many cities in the country. She studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest (2014-2017; professor Marcel Bunea) and mural art at the Faculty of Decorative Arts in Bucharest (2020-2022; professor Lisandru Neamţu).

The art created by ATOMA approaches and directly criticizes the impact that technology and (social/mass)-media have on society and on each individual. These have been grafted into the DNA of society, contaminating and causing mutations that can be irreversible. The impact of media and social media risks diverting and subordinating social relations, falsifying reality (by idealizing it in a commercial key and by leveling it “glossy”), (social/mass)-media infiltrating between the individual and the context, abusing the position of “necessary” mediator, but, in fact, often manipulative.

ATOMA divulges this delusion, reveals it as it is, persuasive, insinuating and viral, producing addiction, keeping individuals and communities in ever deeper captivity.  The artist recovers a type of aesthetics and classic, canonical clichés, on which she grafts the symbolic elements of technology and contemporary media. The assumed, declarative strictness (used here in a critical key) transforms the artist’s works into manifesto works, engaging them in a discourse under the sign of activism.

Consumerism, isolation caused by increasingly virtual communication, refuge in video games, addiction to “food supplements” and the smartphone are just as many topics that ATOMA tackles without compromise, through mural works, oil painting, photography and  installation, uncovering their essentially subversive and invasive nature. ATOMA had 7 personal exhibitions in Bucharest and participated in 20 group exhibitions (Bucharest, Timișoara, Constanța and Brașov). Her murals can be seen in Bucharest, Târgu Jiu, Bacău, Sibiu, Satu Mare and Galați.  Therefore, Kulterra Gallery has the joy and honor of being with ATOMA, exclusively representing her interests in Romania and abroad.



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