Valeria Glibiciuc

b. 2002

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Kulterra 2022

She has been painting since childhood, influenced by her father, a church painter. Although detached from the religious discourse, in search of her own questions and answers, Valeria Glibiciuc’s line preserves something of the aesthetics of sacred painting, but without being captivated by its message. On the contrary, a secular universe, alive but dramatically painted, is released extremely strongly, precisely because of the contrast between the message of the works and their aesthetics.

In the works of Valeria Glibiciuc it sometimes seems that the saints painted on the walls of the churches escaped from the places of worship in order to return (profane) to the world and to live a life that they did not have before; and the abstract that the artist seems to be looking for, is stubborn to express itself as an extremely powerful figurative. Her works have been sold in private collections in several countries, one of them being selected in the top 95 by the curators of the “Saatchi Gallery”; another work has been selected for display at the “Hasting Contemporary Gallery” in the United Kingdom and in “Equinox” exhibition at Kulterra Gallery, Bucharest, in 2022. She opened the “Communications” collection, presented at Artcor Center in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.


Valeria Glibiciuc

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